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Digital equipment and simultanuous translation booths
Our simultaneous translation systems are composed of systems of the highest technology, completely digitalized DCN Next Generation Bosch, whose strengths are the reception of an absolute quality of the audio signal and a virtually unlimited number of functions for the management of canals of translation.
Our translation booths are ISO-AIIC compliant with two or three positions, particularly cured in appearance, covered in alcantara and equipped with recessed halogen light and fan for air circulation for each location.
Each booth is. 1.80 L 2.00 H and 1.80 W for the passage of the interpreters the door opening on the back requires a minimum space of approximately 40 cm. from the possible proximity to the wall of the room.
The digital receivers, in the required quantity, are complete with earphones or ultra-light headphones.
Our services of simultaneous translation include, in the case where the conference venue is not equipped, of a sound system appropriate for the characteristics of the room.
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