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The sound system is generally composed of an audio mixer for the management of various sources, one or more powerful amplifier, a microphone for the podium and three microphones for presidency, acoustic speakers with telescopic support as necessary, taking into account the size and characteristics of the spaces. The sound systems, on our price list, are divided into several types: for rooms of about 100 square meters up to more than 700 square meters and for larger spaces specific estimates can be prepared on request. The standard structure of the facilities as proposed can obviously integrate various equipment designed to meet the various customers needs such as, for example, analog or digital audio recordings, special microphones and wireless professional microphones of any type, audio players, conference digital systems and whatnot. We can create special systems for indoor and outdoor concerts, conferences of all types and sizes, sound systems for trade fairs and stands, complete with all the necessary equipment (digital effects, limiters / compressors, delay lines, cluster monitor spy, ear monitors, stage and room mixers, etc .) for these systems, estimates will be drawn up according to specific requirements.
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